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To English speaking Visitors of this Website

Our Si(e)gwart(h) Family Association was created in 2008. Its aim is to investigate the origins of the Si(e)gwart(h)s and particularly the filiations of the different branches. It encourages publication of information on the wherabouts, activities and genealogy of family members, both present and past.


The Board meets regularly and coordinates research and publications. Occasionally, it consults a professional genealogist. For the actual board members, click here. By the way: each of us in turn writes the editorial of one of our newsletters!


There are branches in Germany (where the familiy originated), in Switzerland (since the 16th century), France (since the 19th century), the USA (since the 19th century). Individual Si(e)gwart(h)s have written to us from Argentine, Austria, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Italy and Netherlands.


Originally, the Si(e)gwart(h)s were glassmakers. Several books have already been published on the subject, so far almost exclusively in German. You will find presentations/discussions of these books in our newsletters. Heading: PUBLIKATIONEN.


Our Newsletter (twice a year) aims at linking and relating the different members, who are also invited to meet on the occasion of our yearly outings. The first outings took place at Schluchsee (South Black Forest, Germany, 2008), Hergiswil (Switzerland, 2009), Fützen/Wutachtal (between Donaueschingen D and Schaffhausen CH, 2010), Buhlbach (North Black Forest, near Freudenstadt, 2011), Todtmoos (South Black Forest, 2012), Goumois (Switzerland/France, 2013), Altdorf  (Switzerland, 2014) and Moosbronn/Mittelberg (North Back-Forrest 2015) Our newsletters give you the reports and pictures of the outings.


Interestingly enough, we members meet at a cross-roads between genealogy, history, industrial archeology, art, and social family contacts. And even nomenclature, as our family name is spelled Siegwart, Sigwart, Si(e)gwarth, Sigward, Sigwarte, etc.!


Most of you will be interested in genealogy. You will find in each newsletter the headings NEUES AUS DER FAMILIENFORSCHUNG or ÜBERSICHT DER ERFASSTEN FAMILIENSTÄMME. For those of you who are interested in family or industrial history we run the heading GESCHICHTE UND GESCHICHTEN.


We would gladly welcome your contributions or requests (write to us in German, French, English,  Italian or Spanish). They will then appear in our newsletters under MITTEILUNGEN AN DEN FAMILIENVERBAND/KONTAKTE and be answered by a member of our board. You can also leave a message or greeting in our Guestbook.


Please notice that we are exclusively non commercial. For our legal status see Imprint.


Are you a Si(e)gwart(h)? Join our association! Registration forms and follow THIS Link...


Robin Siegwarth, Völkersbach, Germany




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